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Ill just stick with comparisons to other cars, since everyone has already said what is so great about the car

Cars I've driven (recently)

2005 Corvette -- Tons of power, okay handling, okay styling, problem was it only felt like a fast version of my '95 Firebird. I was less than blown away.

2005 GTO -- Sounded awesome, drove like a total piece of junk and looks stupid

2005 Pontiac G6 -- I included this because I thought it kicked the pants out of the GTO. Kind of strange.

Cars I've ridden in or driven against recently:

2004 MB SLK32AMG -- crazy HP in a small car. Completely destroys my Box off the line (it has the auto tranny that does everything for you), however I start to reel him back in when the speeds go up and the road starts to twist. Iím not crazy about the styling.

2004 WRX -- some how I completely obliterated a friend in his WRX off the line the other day. Iím still trying to figure this one out. I donít think he had the turbo spooled in time and the lag killed him. My back tires cleared his front bumper before we went under the traffic light. I actually really like this car. It has some sedan usefulness, all wheel drive and is still pretty quick.

2004 RX8 -- I actually love this car. A friend bought one and every time I ride in it I think I like the car more. The back seat is more then large enough for an adult.

1968 GTO -- in a straight line no competition. However any turning of the wheel and he is done for.

The Boxster is by far the best looking car of the lot. In my opinion it drives better than any of them too. The Boxster is just everything a sports car / roadster should be. Its tough to beat.
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