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...Because it is everything a sports car is meant to be and nothing a sports car is NOT meant to be...
It is:
A two seat drop-top, the essential component of the Sports Car.

The most pure expression of the 'Modern Sports Car' since the introduction of the Miata, itself a pure blood in it's own right.

A true Porsche in every sense of the word, and attached to all that heritage.

Beautiful; near flawless design

Powerful enough, even in base model to constantly deliver fun and excitement while offering a daily driver that forces you to make zero comprimises.

Track-bred. Try one out on your local raccing complex and you'll see what I mean. Those who have already know.

Fits me like it was made for me alone. The interior layout simply enfolds you and mates you to the machine

It is NOT:
A truck
A four door
All show and no go
A compromising design
Overly Gadgetized
Overly complicated
Cost-prohibitive for a good cross-section of enthusiasts
Parked in someone else's drive-way :dance:
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