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Durametric Update

There is a new update available for the Durametric software- with more to follow.
Here's what they changed/added:

Major update please report bugs, as there has been many changes.
We also have more features and updates in progress that will be release over the next few weeks.

* Software can now startup and run without the cable plugged in (demo mode)
* Universal DME Identification no longer need to select version of motronic
* Universal ABS/PSM identification no longer need to select verion of ABS
* New Control module support PDAS 1989-1994 Carrera 4 AWD/ABS system
o Read fault codes
o Clear Fault Codes
o ECU Identification
o Drive Links (Brake Bleeding, Transvese Lock activation)
* Cayenne 2003-2004
o Park Assist
o Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS/RDK)
o Driver seat memory
o Passenger seat memory
o Trailer hitch
o ECU information on all cayenne modules
o Expanded fault code status data on all fault codes
* ABS 5.0 ECU information
* Airbag B01 ECU information
* Airbag B02 ECU information
* Tiptronic G01 ECU informaiton
* Motronic 2.1 ECU information, Actual Values
* Motronic 5.2 ECU information, Actual Values
* 997 Turbo DME ECU information (with Over-rev data)
* Updated PSM fault code data
* Motronic MS 3.1 DME 996/997 CUP cars ECU read and clear codes
* Improved installer
* Support for new diagnostic interface

Bug fixes

* Fixed problems clearing codes when PSM has more then 5 faults
* Fixed drive links on Motronic 5.2.2
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