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To answer your question, it is very easy for these thugs to get into your car.

I had a nice Lexus coupe broken into and the stereo ripped out, along with half the dash. These turds have a tool where they hook into the top of the side window and simply collapse the window down into the door.

Takes them seconds. So, if your alarm goes off, they are gone by the time you get out to your driveway. This to steal a stereo that had a street value of maybe $30 bucks?

Sad but true. The police found the guy (since he was dumb enough to try and cash some checks he found in my glove box) and he pleaded out on about ten counts they had him on.

BTW-The local cops were afraid to arrest this turd. Seems he was an illegal and they were afraid of his gang. They sent the county gang unit to pick him up.

God Bless America.

He is likely reading this right now from somewhere in LA.

PS- If you want to read some interesting comments on crime in the US, pick up the book, Freakonomics.

Fascinating stuff.

Rich Belloff

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