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Hi, I read here that someone got an FM Modulator done at Abt electronics and it worked out well.

Last I checked the Denison is right around 500 bucks?

My wife got me a modulator from Best Buy, this was supposed to be an $80 solution, well after $140 of install alone, I took off and it sounded like crap,

I brought it back and they told me the modulator was incompatible and tried to get me into the Harman Kardon plug and play, idrive? that get this, fixed "most" of the issues....I was looking at $200 dollars more for the product or so and additional install....

So moral to the story, I gave them everything back, and contested their install fees, and will go the Denison route in the near future....and told myself, next time you know you don't want morons working on your car, trust yourself that you know better....
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