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Yep, people will steal anything even if there is nothing worth stealing. I recently left my Lexus parked outside of my parents' house and forgot to lock it. I went out the next day and someone had gone into the glove box, dumped everything on the front seat, and taken nothing! I didn't have much in there, but I did have a few items of clothing that were worth something, a dog cage, and a whole unopened pack of Charmin. You'd think they'd at least take the toilet paper. I mean, everybody uses that! Even though they broke no windows and took nothing I still felt creeped out that someone was in my car.

My ex had a POS Honda and when it broke down and he had to leave it somewhere he thinks a crackhead was actually living in it. They stole a few CDs and basically busted up the whole car. Looked like they were trying to steal it but didn't know how because they tore up the whole steering column.

Good idea about renting a storage space, but where do you put it? I park my car in my driveway and it's right outside my bedroom window. Hopefully I'd hear anything that happens to it, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it.
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