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Couple things to do:

1. clear markers
2. carbon interior
3. change out the deck
4. rims / tires ( its got pzero right now but i hate the chrome rims so maybe i'll have to wait a few months to wear out the pzero before i get rims and tires )

Other than that .. i m mostly happy with the car .. the top creaks a lil bit more than my last Boxster when i put start to put ti down .. past about 1/2 way, the creaking stops or is reduced dramatically .. maybe some lubricant @ the dealership would fix this problem?

And since this is my 2nd Boxster,

Some friends have asked me why I bought another boxster, my reply was that this is the perfect car for me. I honestly cant think of another car I want more than this car unless we are talking about 100+ ferrari / lamborghinis. I drove the SL / SLK and the Z and it doesnt have quite the same feel. The Viper looks great but is too raw. 911 are nice but I dont like the R/R setup as much as the M/R on the boxster.

So until I can get a ferrari / lamborghini ( or Carrera GT =D ), i'll just keep buying the best Boxster I can afford.
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