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"As Rick3000 eluded to, maybe thieves see a soft top as "soft target." I have seen glass on the street from busted side windows time to time. During the cold months coming out on my street in the AM you can see someone has walked down the street wiping the dew/frost off windows looking in. My old work car, a Sebring (now a Mustang GT) got broken into right in front of my building, taking an umbrella off the backseat. I truly believe that no matter the car, if there is something inside that somebody can sell, they will take it. Just put your stuff out of site and you probably have nothing to worry about."

Posted by shaman1204.

Did he "elude" or, perhaps, "allude"?

Should I put my stuff out of "site" or, I'm thinking, out of "sight."

Just gently tuggin' your chain, my friend. But sometimes I'm afraid my spelling skills, carefully honed though all those years of carefully looking up words I didn't know in my now-falling apart Merriam Webster dictionary (a gift from my parents roughly 35 years ago, waaaaay before the automatic "spell-check" days (which, BTW, shouldn't be relied up upon too heavily---"elude" IS the correct spelling of a word that doesn't really fit in the context of the above-cited post)) are headed quickly to hell in a hand basket, the result of spending too much time poring over hundreds of posts on this, and other, forums.

Guess while I'm at it, I need to work on my tendency to the occasional run-on sentence, eh?
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