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Just got my 2nd boxster

Hey guys ..

My 'new' 01 Boxster S just got in .. picked it up from the shipping company about 30 minutes ago and took a long drive in it.

Its black on black with chromies / xenon and has 34k miles on it, and is a CPO vehicle so I have the warrantee for another two years. I think I got a pretty good deal at 25.5K. The dealers (Dave Strong in Utah was very nice, even gave a detail, a full tank of gas, and a nice suitcase filled with car wash stuff .. the suitcase looks very 007 ish).

Anyways, its night time right now so I cant take pictures, but will take some tomorrow after I give it a good wash / wax job .. it got real dirty going through the nevada, tahoe snow weather.

Right now .. I think imma take it out for another spin in a few minutes. =]
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