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Originally Posted by jhandy
Hello everyone,
I was thinking of buying a used turbo convertible 2001-2004. Any opinions on years? Is one year better than the other? Years to avoid? Things to look for good or bad....
I can't help much with regards to US release dates and specs, but we've got an Australian-spec MY04 Turbo Cab which is, without a doubt, an absolutely brilliant car. Other than doing the normal checks you'd perform buying any other used Porsche, I don't think there's too much turbo-specific to worry about.

All I can think of:

*Make sure you get the removable wind deflector (and carry bag) that can be fitted over the rear seats. If there are only 2 people driving and the roof is down, having the deflector fitted makes a huge difference to the amount of wind in the cabin.

*Here in Australia PCM (including navigation) wasn't standard in the Turbo until about MY03, so a later car is a bit more 'future proof' from that point of view. As you can now get some excellent iPod integration solutions for MOST-capable Porsches, the PCM unit has the advantage of full iPod integration with the factory stereo with the right after-market parts.

*If the car 'looks' modified, take a quick drive on a suitable open road and put your foot down with the boost meter showing on the dash display. I've never seen more than 0.8bar of boost on our (standard) car - if you see more then there's a good chance the car has been chipped or otherwise modified. That's not necessarily a bad thing though... just worth watching for in terms of warranty and/or reliability.

Good luck with the purchase - they're completely different cars to the Boxsters and each has their own merits, but geez the Turbo is an absolutely fantastic car to drive and I guarantee you won't get tired of it!
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