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Yes, going from a Lexus SUV to a Boxster is a big change! I actually was interested in a boxster years ago when I got the Lexus, but I got a deal on the Lexus I couldn't pass up. It was my brother's and he didn't want it anymore because he hated car payments. So all I had to do was start paying the payments and it was mine at a great interest rate. So like I say, was a very good deal. I do like the Lexus, but in the back of my mind is always how much I'd love a fun sporty car, a Porsche.

I do admit that the shifting might get annoying in driving in traffic, but no way would I buy an automatic Porsche. No offense to anyone who has one, but that's not for me.

I don't have any kids, so all I need to worry about mostly is driving around myself. The only other concern I have is my dad, who has a hip and knee replacement, might have trouble getting in and out of it if I drive him places. But I'm sure it wouldn't be awful for him. I do also bring my dog (in the avatar) in the car with me in a crate, so I'd have to be sure I could fit a crate in the front seat when she's with me.

So I really need to find the time to go test drive some cars and see how I feel. I've only ever even ridden in a Boxster so that is my limited experience with them, other than staring at them in traffic. I'm kind of hoping I like it better than a 911, becuase of the price, but I do like that a 911 has a back seat, even though it's a small one. All in all though, it'll come down to what I like to drive enough to want to spend some money on.
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