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Thinking about a Boxster...

Hi there. I registered for this forum a few years ago and was fully planning on getting a Boxster. Then I got a great deal on a Lexus and stopped thinking about it, at least for a while. Now I've had the Lexus three years and keep thinking about Porsche again. I've never driven a Boxster though. My only experience driving a Porsche is a 1983 944 I used to own way back when. Loved it though.

So now even though I don't NEED a new car I keep thinking I should at least go test drive a Boxster. But I also like the Cayman and 911. Honestly, first instinct tells me I'd want a 911, but it's so much more expensive. And also, I've never driven any of them at all. I'm just saying 911 because it's such a classic sportscar. If I want a car soon I could get the Boxster. If I want the 911 I should probably wait a couple years and save some money. Cayman I believe is about the same price as Boxster.

So I'd love to hear some opinions, advice, whatever. Are the dealerships pushy as far as trying to get you to buy the car or do they understand that these cars are pretty expensive and people might want to actually take their time to make a decision?
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