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I have taken the "chop embarassment" to a whole new level!

Because the elastic straps on my original 1997 covertible top are so worn out and stretched to the max, I have a little routine I must follow each time I take the top down by chopping the plastic window, then chopping the canvas above the window because if I don't, it makes the hole I have in it grow... the switch in the center of the metal piece that comes down to cover the top has made a hole.

Now putting the top up also requires manual adjustments due to those worn out elastic bands. both the left and right side of the top near the window framing comes out from the groove in which it should remain. I must raise the top half way and then run my fingers around the canvas to insure it seats well into that groove on both sides of the car.

Just as soon as I sort out my transmission issues (1st gear has teeth missing) I'm going to replace this top. Grrrr!
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