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I love my 1997 boxster for the following reasons:

1. It has no rear badge and unique rims ... which causes people (usually folks that are at least 50 or older) to come up to me at gas stations or rest stops and ask "what kind of car is that?" Looks just like a Porsche to me, but apparently, lots of older (no offense to you 50+ readers!) people have not seen one up close and personal.

2. I've updated my interior to a 2002 5 speed shifter and now a 3 spoke wheel, which makes the car look very current.

3. The car is incredibly "cat and mouse" like in light traffic. I can zoom around others and take advantage of the sprint-like responsiveness if I remember to keep it in a lower gear.

4. I drove my Boxster 300 miles this last weekend, and did not get out and say "my back hurts." My '90 Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbo and my '86 Toyota MR2 were both really hard on my back.

5. I've dreamed of Porsche ownership since I was 8 years old, and now I own one. I often open my garage door, see the Boxster and think, "I can't believe I own that car."

6. Ditto on the mid engine and flat 6 comment prior to my post. I have never driven or owned such a balanced sports car that is predictable and fast. Even my smallish 2.5 liter engine is quite strong compared to the light weight of the car overall.

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