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Boxster S vs. the world :-)

Ok, let me try this.
I love my Porsche because:
- it is PRECISE. handling. braking. response. It does what I want. Nothing else. Nothing more.
- it is beautiful. these curves...mamma mia !!!
- it is reliable and a daily driver
- people will still turn they head around in 20 years
- 987 made the boxster a classic
- it's a flat 6 !!!!!
- the engine sound comes from back
- ...and because i am fan of the brand from childhood...
I also drove: (the ones worth mentionning)
- Audi TT quattro 225hp
Nice but behaves like front wheel drive, and small 4 cylinders with poor noise
- Honda S2000
No torque, no pleasant for daily driver, misses 2 cylinders...and is going to be recycled in something else in 20 years
Fantastic gearbox. Perfect all-year, everywhere, love it.
- of course other Porsches, but do they count ? :-)

What I do not like with Porsche however:
- cayenne looks ugly
- no sequential gearbox available. their tiptro is a joke.
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