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Most people?
Can't speak for Europe, but here in the US I would be really surprised if most people buy car's outright with interest rates at historic lows and dealerships giving cars to anyone with a $6 an hour job.
As it is today many people driving around with ultra expensive cars aren't bothering with ownership at all prefering to go the two year lease route.
I can't see how anyone who understands markets and investment would choose to tie up $60,000 into a car that will loose 40% of its value after four years. After four years most cars here in the USA are out of warranty and banks are unwilling to lend so readily for that used car which essentially drops the value even though the condition is still excellent.
My 2000 S had only 10,000 miles but lost $25,000 worth of value. THat's four year's worth of $500 a month payments, evaporated. : (
Meanwhile you could have had the other $30,000 invested into real estate or Ebay stock! (Up 220% post internet boom).
I can't fathom why anoyone with good credit would pay up front unless they had no intention of ever selling the car.
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