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I've had a few inquiries on this topic along the lines of the following:

"What size tweeters will fit? Is there enough power to run the tweeters? I'm not really an audio guy, but since most of my CD listening is behind the wheel, the extra effort certainly seems worth it. Thanks."

As I haven't yet added the tweeters, unfortunately I can't tell you what I did, but what I plan to do is add the "puck" style tweeters designed for surface dash or door mounting, and place them on the flat divider that the kit's speakers are integrated into (ending up as invisible behind the grille). There is enough space for a ~1.5-2" dia electrostatic tweeter to surface mount on the panel with no problem. As I understand it, electrostatics require no crossover (can direct wire them in) and are fairly efficient.

Jorge, given your other site's focus, can you shed any light on the tweeter selection issue? Recommendations?
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