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Newbie with a Question

Hello all,

Been lurking here for a couple of months. Accidentally bought a 2003 Boxster on eBay this past July. Threw a low bid at the guy and he took it. The car is absolutely perfect with only 24k miles and checked out clean at the local dealership. This is my first Porsche after 40 years of drooling. I am a happy and proud owner.

The only problem I can find with the car is that the battery may be on it's last legs. It is not the original battery. Former owner put a Ford Motorcraft Group 48 battery in there. Don't trust it as far as I can throw it.

Anyhow, did my research through the forums and figured I will replace it this weekend. The only question I have is whether you can use one of these portable "Jump Start" batteries to hook into the system at the fuse box to keep the electrical going while you replace the battery? Will that work or do you need a full 12 Volt battery?

Looking forward to your thoughts and advice. Love the forum. Will post photos soon.

2003 Boxster - Meridian Silver Metallic / Black
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