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Originally Posted by panameras
The factory 29/36psi recommendation is that hot or cold?

Your point does makes sense, understeer is always safer for an average driver. How many more psi do you actually put in the front tyres to reduce understeer or whats the ideal front tyre pressure to have a neutrally balanced boxster?

Tire pressures are always measured COLD. You cannot eliminate or neutralize the Boxster's steering with Tire pressure alone, you can only make it more neutral. Alignmentspecs and perhaps even a change in some of the suspension hardware would be necessary to make it totally neutral.

I run a higher pressure than OEM spec as well, it gives the car better turn-in and it lowers the rolling resistance which aids acceleration and range (MPG).

But, there is no absolutely BEST Tire pressure. You need to take into account your driving conditions (consider Potholes, Freeway expansion joints, paved vs unpaved, etc.), your driving style, even the type of wheels you use (too low a pressure can cause rim damage more easily). It's best to experiment using an accurate Tire Gauge until you find a pressure that you think gives you the best ride and response...

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