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Well, don't get too cheeky about the infrared's efficiency. It really only scans the area around the cubby holes and as far back as the shifter.

Anyone can reach down and get things out of your door pockets, so keep your windows rolled up to the top when using the red clip. This really cuts down on people being able to reach into the car to snag stuff.

BTW, I NEVER leave my radar detector on the windshield when I step away from the car. If the wife is with me and we're in a public place with a lot of cars and people, I will often ask her to put it in her purse in case someone watched me drive into the parking lot. Of course, pulling down as I enter a crowded place is the best course of action, but you probably know all of this.

The other thing you must watch out for is thugs stealing your center windstop and your roll bar inserts. They pop out very quickly, are not tied to the alarm system, aren't covered by the infrared sensor, and sell very quickly on fleaBay. Someone said they took a couple of long black zip ties and secured the roll bar inserts at the bottom where it was not noticeable and that seems to keep sticky fingers from popping them out or the insert from blowing out on the freeway when a gust of wind hits them just right or worst of all, when one's passenger decides to recline their seat so far back that the headrest pushes it out of its place.

You made a good point with the gum. People of all ages can be disrespectful when they are envious and I had someone spit out their gum into my driver's side and it landed on my brand new floor mat.
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