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Clutch Rattle problem

2002 Boxster S 6-speed / 65K miles

I have had the car for about 2 months. Up until two days ago, the clutch pedal was very solid, but maybe a little hard to push. It worked flawlessly though.

One day ago, the pedal suddenly got easier to push. It started to make a slight rattling sound when the clutch was pushed in.

Today, the pedal seems to go from hard to softer and back, but the rattling is able to be heard from the cabin with the top down. It is very noticeable, something is definitely wrong. It engages, but sounds horrible and seems to engage with the pedal pushed down pretty far.

I jacked up the rear, and looked to obvious things. The fluid level is good. The shifter cables are working properly. There are not any obvious fluid leaks by the slave cylinder. The rattling sounds like it coming from inside the trans.

Does anyone have ideas? I am trying to quickly get up to speed on this car, and I hope that I don't have a major problem already.

Thanks in advance,
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