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Originally Posted by Chrisw
Well I've just got a few quick questions about boxsters...

1) Do all years come with the raising/dropping spoiler? (if no, which years?)
2) What models of the boxster come with the three spoke wteering wheel?
3) Besides engine what is the difference between the boxster and boxster S
4) I know the idea of "buy the newest you can afford"... but are there certain years in which the boxster made big jumps in proformance or styling that I should aim to get? I'd hate to think I can only afford an 02 when in 03 they made a ton of changes...

Thanks a lot guys...
Let me try this too!

1) All years have the auto spoiler
2) Varies. I know as early a '99 it was optional on the Boxster (part of a trim package, not sure if stand alone). My 2000 has one and I believe it was part of the "sport design" package)
3) Some differences between S and Non S : Motor (3.2 vs 2.7), Brakes (larger on the S) 3rd radiator on S (hence the different front bumper cap); 6sp vs 5sp manaul transmissions; White face guages; 3 spoke wheel was standard;

4) 1997-1999 2.5l with 201hp ; 2000-2002 2.7l rated at 217hp 2003-2004 2.7 rated at 228hp; Simlar jumps for the S... 2000-2002 rated at 252, then 258iirc

In '03 they did make subtle exterior style changes (bumpers) and went to a glass rear window instead of the previous plastic version. There were likely interior trim changes as well. Also the small HP bumps.
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