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HELP! Rag-top markings, scratches!!!

Dear enthusiasts/owners,

I own a 99 Boxster w/27K miles. Purchased it used last year and was too excited to notice the scuff marks on the soft-top. After sometime, I began noticing that other boxsters DO NOT have these wear and tear signs. Took it to the dealer and they told me it was normal.

Brought it in this morning for my 30K service and told them that I wasn't satisfied with the problem.

The scuff marks are common on the side where the convertible top folds but I also have 3 other one-inch "scrathces" on the top and is identical on the left and right. Also, there is "almost" a puncture circle on both sides too. Fabric is salient/protruding/torn on this circle.

If anyone on this forum has/is experienced(ing) the same problem, do advice/direct/guide me on what to tell my dealer. My warranty runs out in May 2003.

Thanks in advance.

Le jolie rogue
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