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Sounds like a sweet ride, and similar to the mods I have done. Like you, I have found that reducing the weight where possible, really helps performance. If you are looking for some performance and responsiveness and your clutch is needing replacing, I would highly recommend a lightweight flywheel. Car seems more responsive without the the mass of the factory flywheel. The car does chatter a little in neutral with the clutch out, that is the only minor problem I have seen with the lighter flywheel.

I also had a lot of fun doing the mods to the car, especially running the car on the dyno with the additon of the intake, chip and exhaust, and just learning about our great cars, but it has beeen a very expensive education. I made the mistake once of calculating how much the mods as well as normal wear and tear costs were (tires, clutch, brakes, in addtion to mods) over the year or so I have owned the car. The mods and cost of maintenance ended up being more than I paid for the car last summer, yikes......


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