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best performance mods.....

so i have a 2000 boxster s and was dying to tune it. after much research this is what i decided in theory might work best, cost aside. I had done a fabspeed exhaust removing the second cats, kept original headers so it isnt to loud but i still get resonance at 2-3k rpm. not enought to make me hate it thought hehe. desnorkled BMC filtered intake, boy does it breath easier. These mods really helped her and not it makes a wicked sound. after much research i decided to try the revo stage 2 reflash. WOW expensive but what a difference. The car now excelerates hard past 100 with much more power up top. it also seems to have more torque but this could be the advanced throttle response, either way much more drivable, no more 2k flat spot and it now has blistering high rev power. i must say all this was expensive but the shifts up to 4th gear are non stop fun and i will never want it different. to round out the car were going with clear lights and side markers, 18in porsche hollow spoke turbo wheels and the row m030 suspension. big difference with this stuff, the revo reflash made the most. so i say get a used low milage boxster s and do these mods to it. SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! i also may put her on a 100 pound diet. exhause 30 lbs wheels 20 gt3 seats 60 lightweight battery 15. thats over 120 right there.
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