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Long story. Bottom line is that I emailed their users telling them about this board. Some users liked it some did not. I then apologized and explained how I accidentally forgot to BCC. However, as with most threads on any type of news group / forum, it turned into a big blob. I posted replies in my defense. They were deleted, I came back on and posted more replies in my defense. They have a moderator which I beleive is out of touch. Any reference to another site or or negative comments about a Porsche and the thread is gone. None the less, I just emailed chuck an apology for all the headaches we endurerd and promised to stop visiting his site unless I was invited. He has a nice community of followers over there and I really hate to see them having to read spam instead of informative articles. All, please feel free to visiti and participate in their forum as well. I am here to provide an additional source of info and thats all. The more sites there are for us to see the more information we may get.

As for the members of this forum. I am very greatful that you have joined and take part in a new forum as it evolves. Please provide your feedback under this section so I may build the site to meet your requirements.

Thanks and enjoy the WWW .

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