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Question New here looking for a used boxster

Hi there

We currently have a 914 which my husband uses solely for AX and after looking at the Porsche's at the Porsche Parade here a few weeks ago I'm determined to get a used boxster for me. I can't afford a new one unfortuately. From what I have researched so far I can see that in 2002 they seemed to have made many changes. This car I want for my daily driver as well as touring and rally's. I would have to get the tiptronic transmission as I really am not in the mood to shift and due to medical reasons can't alwasy rely on my legs for the clutch. I'm trying to find anything I can comparing the years to see which years are better than others and which year model's to avoid. I haven't had too much luck so far. I'm trying to keep in in the 25-28K range and so far I have seen mostly 2002 and earlier. Actually haven't found any 2003-2005 around here. Any help, suggestions, opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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