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I think that since the 98's have the lowest hp engines of the 986 series, we tend to suffer from the additional strain of the AC on the engine. I rarely have my AC on but when I do it seems to be quite a strain on the engine and I really have to adjust my clutching and gas style to have a smooth take off. I do not have any idle concerns at stops like you have mentioned.

Glad to see that it may just be normal.

BTW. I love the aftermarket AC. A new found favorite.

Originally Posted by WoBoxster
I have the same problem. When i am stopped and my car idling the RPM's will drop about 500 and come back up. My car will continue to do this untill i start driving again, or i turn off the AC. I don't feel a loss in power, the RPM's just jump around a bit when stopped. Sometimes the RPM's will drop enough to where i can hear the motor about ready to die.
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