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Originally Posted by CJ_Boxster
Im apart of both the PCA and another forum called, and i honestly can say the forum is the best when it comes to FUN meets, We have hooters gtg, also Fun runs down to San Deigo, Rosarito Mexico, every other wensday we have a Starbucks GTG where we head to a local resurant as a group and eat and have lots of fun.

PCA is good for all ages type of fun but the is where the REAL fun is!

FYI: do not charge for the meets, we also have alot of auto-x events we attend and we seem to always get large group discounts for attending.
hi cj!

did a little surf'ing @ that outback i see on my l.a. commute. i may try to make one of your starbucks gtg's. you mention above that you don't charge for the meets but does your club charge dues like pca? what's an sr girl?
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