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pca or club?


i'm simple family man that's sorta new to the 986 world and wanted to ask a simple question to the experienced out there. i google out some boxster stuff from time to time. i'd like to join a 986 group but am undecided on pca or local car club. which do you think i'd benefit from most? i want to find a little more than internet forums.

i visited my local pca region brkfast and well .... had brkfast. they've got interesting things coming up . but then i read where there are local car clubs that seem to have a bit of fun w/ dinners & get-togethers as well. but that's not enough for me to decide.

i'd like to join 1 club for reasons of time availability for now. my desires are:
-driver's ed (which i believe pca only offers this??)
-car detailing advice
-speedy road trips
-diy mentoring / little fixings like chg door spkrs

what enjoyments have you that got you into a club or pca or not?

should i join pca for just the stuff i want but regularly attend a local car club; sorta split between 2 groups?

do local car clubs charge dues like the pca?

what do you suggest ??
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