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Flat spotted tires can make some noise, but usually just give you some vibration into the car as opposed to noise. Very worn tires (close to, or at the wear bars) can significantly add road noise, and keep in mind some tires are simply louder than others.

My guess, however, based on what you've shared, is that you have a bad wheel bearing. The easiest thing to do is go to a large open parking lot, and drive the car around at say 40MPH making sweeping turns left and right- if it gets louder when turning left, its a bad bearing on the right (from the increased speed of the outer wheel) and vice versa. Its generally pretty easy to pick out a bad wheel bearing, unfortunately on these cars they're not cheap to replace.

If you can't get any useful new information by doing this, take it to a qualified independent for diagnosis. Noise like what you describe that is not a wheel bearing could indicate a much more significant problem.

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