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A dealer with a PST2 cannot rollback the mileage - there is no function to do this. I can be done in aftermarket. There are several companies that will reset the mileage in an electronic cluster to whatever you want. I have even seen kits for sale. Also, you can put in a cluster with lower mileage.

For example. I bought a 996 cluster off ebay because I wanted the 2 extra gauges. My car at that time had over 40k miles. When I plugged in the 996 cluster into my Boxster the 996 cluster displayed 990 miles. I had to take the 996 cluster out because the LCD display for the speedometer was defective. I contacted a company that repairs VDO clusters to see if I could buy a replacement display. No parts are available. But they said they could reset the mileage to the actual mileage of my car if I sent them the 996 cluster.

If you had access to the car and a PST2 you could check the engine operating hours in the DME to see if it jives with the mileage. You could also check the VIN in the cluster and see if it is the same VIN for the car.
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