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Adding to Randall's list:

6. Someday when you lock your car you will hear it beep - this is almost always because you didn't fully close the locking storage box between the seats.

7. Once you have tried to start the car the starter will not go again until you turn the key to off and then back on. BTW - the key is on the left is a Porsche nod to racing and 'LeMans starts'.

8. Your alarm system will work with the top down if you roll up the windows and install 'the red clip'. The 'red clip' goes into the same position as the top latch and is available from dealers for a couple of bucks.

9. Never operate the top below about 40 degrees (the manual says freezing). You may crack the window.

10. Your car is great fun on the race track! A stock Boxster S can drive to a race track and put on a good show with no performance modifications. Joining your local Porsche Club of America(PCA)A and signing up for Driver's Education track days is one of the best and cheapest ways to enhance your joy of driving.

... and yes Tool Pants rocks
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