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Jason, I felt the same way... but sleeping in one's Porsche is not comfortable. It's meant for driving, not slumber!

There's a bunch of things you should know about when it comes to your car, and I highly recommend you peruse this website as well as the ones Kevin mentioned. Do a lot of lurking on current threads and read as many archive posts and threads as possible.

What were the first things I needed to know?

1. Extra keys are REALLY expensive. Don't lose them and make your boss find all the ones he's misplaced! Same goes for manuals, which you really do need because the car is not self-explanatory by sitting in it and fiddling with stuff. (ie, the radio controls and the headlight/tail light dial... who knew to pull it out TWICE to get all the fog lights front and back to turn on?)
2. If the center hook-style catch on the top is not fully seated into the hole, the windows won't roll up completely.
3. When lowering the top, open it half way and then insure the window isn't kinked up and bent funny or you'll eventually get a rip in it... VERY expensive to fix.
4. You will also ask about "desnorkeling" the intake and join the sizeable debate as to whether it is a safe move just to get a better growl out of your engine. (search "desnorkel" if you want to learn more).
5. If your check engine light comes on, don't freak out. The non-blinking light can mean a LOT of things, from mass air sensor failure ($800) to a tank of bad gas ($25 if you live in the USA) to things I can't understand concerning the computerized stuff in the car. If it blinks this is certainly cause for alarm. Turn off the ignition immediately and get it checked out.

I must say that the manual for the car is quite helpful and you should read through it carefully while sitting in your car and simultaneously fiddling with or looking at the knob or part in question!

One other thing...

There's a guy who has a screen name of Toolpants on all the lists that knows simply EVERYTHING about our cars. He's badgered all the time for advice, and has been the best friend I have never met! He'll pop in on questions about your car you post and you can rest assured that he knows his stuff.

Hope this helps you. I am forever in debt to this forum and the wonderful help everyone has offered me here.
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