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Forget about whatever Porsche built in detector you have. Ditch it and buy a V1.

My V1 saved my butt today. I was cruising at 93 mph tentatively trying to catch up to a CrossFire that blew past me trying to show off.

Suddenly my V1 alert tone went off and the strength meter was pinned. The Directional Arrow was pointing back behind me. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw nothing on the horizon. The meter stayed pinned as if a cop was tail gating me while shooting radar.

This went on for a few minutes and still nothing in my rearview mirror. I started to doubt my V1 thinking that maybe it was malfunctioning but I decided to keep the faith and trust it. About a minute later I saw him! A Police highway cruiser closing the gap behind me. He was now visible on the horizon. He blew by me and continued ahead of me because I had already been doing the speed limit in the right lane long before he ever saw me.

Thank you Mike Valentine
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