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I didn't have time to crawl under the Boxster yesterday and check out the O2 sensors. It's raining pretty heavily in Virginia today, so I thought I would take some time to think this through and obtain some feedback.

Based on what I've read on this and other forums, here in very simple terms is my understanding of the problem and proposed corrective action:

1. There are four O2 sensors on the car.
2. Only one of mine is bad
3. The one that is bad is after the catalytic convertor on the driver's side of my U.S. spec car.
4. I only need to replace the bad sensor.
5. I can order a sensor from ( and it will be plug and play. I could also use a generic Bosch sensor and save some money, but I would need to splice some wires.
6. It might be worth it to buy a special socket for the O2 sensor so that I can torque it properly.

My questions:

1. Do I have this right?
2. Any recommendations or suggestions?

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