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steved0x 10-15-2014 12:18 PM

Minorly bummed - I only got 8 quarts of oil replaced at my last oil change....
Usually I jack the car up in my level garage when doing an oil change but I was lazy this past week and decided to back it up on ramps on a sloped section of my driveway, which works for my trucks. Apparently I didn't have it as level as I thought because it only took 8 quarts to fill it back up (usually it takes around 9 or a little more although last time I did an oil change I had the sump cover off and it drained for about a week or two... even at the end of the week oil was still coming down albeit at a slow rate... That oil change was my first using DT40; this was my second oil change using it.)

I am a little bummed out to have an extra quart of old oil (3000 miles, 5 months) in there with my new oil... I guess there is not much I can do about it unless I do another drain and fill (which would probably be ridiculous considering there is always some old oil in there...)

So I guess I don't really have a question in here... just a (very minor) cautionary "Mr Obvious" tale: Be sure to have the car level when you do an oil change. Even a tiny bit off will increase the amount of old oil that does not drain...


BoxsterSteve 10-15-2014 12:51 PM

A pisser?
A deal breaker?
Probably not.
Just get 'er nice and level in 3 month's time.

BYprodriver 10-15-2014 02:25 PM

To drain max amount of used oil I drive until engine reads to the 180 mark, drive back to shop at low RPM for the last 3 blocks to minimize oil volume in heads, pull into shop & park in level spot & allow engine to idle for a full minute so scavenge pumps can pump oil out of heads into sump.
Raise Box as level as possible & remove LN magnetic drain plug as soon as possible. Remove dipstick & oil cap to aid oil flow. Remove filter as soon as it's cool enough to doso.
Porsche service manual states to allow oil to drain for 20 minutes. ( how many shops do this ?) I drain until only small drops are coming out sporadicly, usually 30 minutes+. Fill new oil filter with new JG DT40 oil as much as possible without spilling during installation.
After replacing filter & drain plug, pour in 7 quarts of JG DT40 including the oil in the filter. With car on level ground use dipstick to check oil level. Add more oil slowly until level is above lower mark on dipstick.
Start engine, wait until oil warning light goes off, & check for leaks, then go on a test-drive until engine gets up to 180 mark.Return at low rpm to park car on level surface & allow engine to idle a full minute before turning engine off. After allowing Box to sit for 20 minutes minimum, check oil level with dipstick & then oil level gauge in dash. Hopefully they show very similar results, if not trust the dipstick. If needed slowly add oil trying to get to the half way point between the dipstick marks, don't worry about trying to get it perfectly full.

steved0x 10-15-2014 07:02 PM

Cool things to try, I did drive it around for a while to get it hot but I didn't do any of that other stuff, I will save it fir next time, and hope I remember ;)

Mine is filled halfway between the low and high marks as well.


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