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Racer Boy 05-10-2019 02:54 PM

Hankook RS4 Tire Pressures
I have a set of new RS4's that I will be trying out for the first time at the track next week. I have a 2002 base with the ROW M030 suspension package.

Because of my experience, I'm normally one of the quickest cars in the advanced group (Track Night in America), at least in the corners! :p

Anyone have experience with these tires, and have suggestions for tire pressures?

steved0x 05-10-2019 06:02 PM

My favorite HPDE tire :cheers:

On the M030 sport suspension running 225/45/17 front 255/40/17 back i like to be 35 hot coming off track. To get there I bleed down after coming in, and start maybe 28F 30R before going out for the first time, with cold pressures. If i have been driving already, like from the hotel, i start 30/32.

If you have stiffer suspension and more camber you might be able to run lower hot pressures, but i had good results with 35 all around hot pressures.

Racer Boy 05-10-2019 07:40 PM

Yes, I should mention the tire sizes I'm running. Like Steve mentioned above, they are 225/45-17 front, and 255/40-17 rear.

JayG 05-10-2019 10:02 PM

I have a set of Rs-4s and they wear like iron. They are a tad slower than RE-71's or NT-01's

I run the same 255 R and 225 F. And have a ROW 030 suspension and camber plates. I found that 32R/31F hot works wellI bleed them down after each session to 32/31

Topless 05-11-2019 08:22 AM

I like these as practice/non competitive tires. I tend to like them best at 34 hot all around. At 32 I start to roll the shoulders and at 36 they start to get greasy.

Jay is getting pretty fast these days and if 32 works for him, he should stick with it. :)

PorscheTurbo04 06-04-2019 12:39 PM

I took a new set out to a track day and found 31f & 32r hot still looked too high. It looks like they still weren't rolling quite enough. I found 28f & 29r hot was right on my Toyo's,
but I cant imagine it would be the same on these. Anyone else found these need lower pressures?

Racer Boy 06-04-2019 04:27 PM

It looks to me like they are rolling over enough, right to the edge of the tread.

I've been using 34 psi, and am pleased with how the tires look and feel.

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