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larryshomework 02-16-2007 03:14 PM

"S" regrets?
I'm sure this has been discussed ad naseum but I couldn't locate a specific thread.

I'm looking at a non-S (2002) but it is out-of-state. No good options locally for a test drive so I'm debating how bad my "S-envy" will be!

Those of you with 986 non-S's --- do you have S regrets? If you were to do it again, would you buy non-S or hold out for an S?

Some background on my situation - I prefer the look of the non-S (gauges, door handles, tail pipe in particular). This will be a second (weekend) car. Daily driver is 05 BMW 330i ZHP. Likely will do some Drivers Ed events locally (Barber Motorsports Park) and outside chance of some autocross.

dharrisonwu 02-16-2007 03:24 PM

I have a 2002 Non-S. No regrets whatsoever. That thing kicks ass and the torque is unbelievable in 2 - 4th gears.

Boxter 02-16-2007 03:37 PM

I have a non "S" and I have no regrets...but given the market I'll bet you'll find what you want if you're patient. There is always another deal to be had.

wanna986 02-16-2007 03:42 PM

I held out for an S and certainly don't regret my decision- BUT, unlike you, I much preferred the S subtleties you mentioned. You have to buy what you like and, remember, you can buy a supercharger to bridge the power gap if you have the need for speed. :cool:

jinijazz 02-16-2007 03:43 PM

As a previous non-S 986 owner, I never regreted. This does NOT mean you don't want more power. You quickly get used to the power you car offer and want more. But same is true with S. 00 986-S with 250hp is enough? What about 2003 S with 258hp? Do they regret not having 06 987-S with 280? or 07 987-S with 295hp? It's not about "S-regret", but more about never ending "more power" struggle.

Boxster is all about fun and handling. Your base Boxster can give you plenty of these. Spend your money on driving ed etc and enjoy the every bit your Boxster can offer. I'm pretty aggressive driver but never felt I fully enjoyed what my previous 99 is capable of.

blinkwatt 02-16-2007 04:04 PM

There is no end to wanting more power. :D

Some people have blazingly fast 996TT but yet even they do work to give their cars 700+HP....IT DOESN'T END!

70Sixter 02-16-2007 04:27 PM

The non-S is a very nice car. Had there been a 6-speed 2.7 I mighta gone for it. But the brakes and 3d radiator put me into exclusive S territory. Still the non-S is a wonderful car. Go for the best you can afford and you cannot go wrong.

scottiesan 02-16-2007 04:32 PM

If you have a chance of test driving both the S and non S. Chances are, you will
likely choose the S model.

hts 02-16-2007 04:58 PM

you sound like the kinda guy that if he doesn't get it, he's likely to have S envy.


i'm also debating the two cars and whether or not the .5 second performance difference is really worth $10k (I know there are other factors that are included in the $10k premium, but to me, it's really mostly about the .5 second).

blinkwatt 02-16-2007 05:01 PM


Originally Posted by hts
i'm also debating the two cars and whether or not the .5 second performance difference is really worth $10k (I know there are other factors that are included in the $10k premium, but to me, it's really mostly about the .5 second).

Go with a base with the 6-spd option. I beleive it's around $2k for the option,but oh man if only I had the extra gear on my 99'.......too bad it wasn't a option then.

SD987 02-16-2007 05:30 PM

I'm guessing you will. If you drive a ZHP, then it's pretty clear you wanted an e46 M3 but needed four doors, and ended up getting the "top" version of the 330i.

The difference in performance/times between the 330i and the ZHP is about the same as between a 986 vs. 986 S, so if you cared enough to purchase the ZHP before, you'll probably wish you'd purchased the S if you don't.

Not to mention a 986 base would be slower than your ZHP in a straight line (and maybe the curvy ones), which doesn't sound like good qualities to have in your "fun" car.

Adam 02-16-2007 05:37 PM

Bottom line....get the best car you can afford.

hts 02-16-2007 05:41 PM

The base w/6-speed option sounds like a pretty good idea, thanks!

I don't think I'm going to have the patience to wait 60-70 days to special order, and don't really want to have to take something out of stock if it's not close to what I'm looking for, so once I make up my mind, I'd like to try to find a dealer that doesn't mind looking into the computer to see what's available in the port or already on a ship that comes close to what I'm looking for. Any stealer recommendations in the DC metro that can help me out with that? The guys at HBL/Tysons leave much to be desired.


Originally Posted by blinkwatt
Go with a base with the 6-spd option. I beleive it's around $2k for the option,but oh man if only I had the extra gear on my 99'.......too bad it wasn't a option then.

NickCats 02-16-2007 06:28 PM


When I was looking for my Boxster I probably checked out a dozen cars, both S and non S.

I picked my non S because it was EXACTLY what I was looking for and I have never regretted not getting an S.


FrayAdjacent 02-16-2007 06:37 PM

Non S and no regrets here. It's my daily driver, so I wanted to salvage a little fuel economy, and still have a nice car.... and that's what it is. Heck, I managed 30.2mpg on a trip up to Dallas and back a couple weeks ago.

djomlas 02-16-2007 09:35 PM

i think that S or non-S doesnt have enough power when compared to some other striaight line performace cars, just got back form the autoshow and sa in a corvette z06 and it even has 505hp badges, and you hink thats enough? no way, its never enough.

so either one you choose u will like it, but it wont be a fast car, trust me. i drove both and really couldnt rationalize extra $ for what was included in the S version, and plus i wanted something more unusual of a car, so when i saw this color i fell in love and so far its been nothing but pleasure.

pretty much whatever you get theres always something better...

TriGem2k 02-16-2007 10:05 PM

Bought my Non S brand new in 2001 and it still puts a smile on my face everytime i see it and drive it.

As its already been stated the Boxster is not a straight line car. Neither version is blazing fast. Choice is yours. You won't be dissapointed with either.

larryshomework 02-17-2007 12:39 PM

Thanks for all the comments so far.

I'm definitely not looking for power above all. I've driven both and found them both fun. Problem is, I can't remember the non-S feel since I drove it first. I don't have access to one (non-S) in the local market to do some more test driving.

I agree with the comments about always looking for more power. I went from a 325i which certainly had decent power to the 330i which has noticeably more. After a few months with the 330i I started wanting more!

I'm guessing that the non-S would be a bit slower than my 330i and the S would be a bit faster.

Finally, which ever way I go, I'll probably always wonder if the other way was the better choice! :rolleyes:

Dr. Kill 02-17-2007 01:03 PM

I do not regret picking up the non-S model at all. 240 HP is plenty for me as a DD. I am sure I would appreciate the extra power, but last year when I made my purchase, if I went with an S, I would have had to buy used and I greatly prefer purchasing new.

RandallNeighbour 02-17-2007 01:56 PM

Let me be the differing opinion here. I have tons of regret for not holding out for what I wanted... a 2000 (or younger) S. I jumped the gun and bought a 97 in the summer of 2004. I should have waited and saved a little more for a younger boxster with the larger engine. There's a big difference in the torque in lower RPM's where you feel it most... like off the line from a dead start.

Drive both before you make any decisions and you'll see what I'm talking about.

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