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super66 09-18-2006 11:56 AM

Cayman Question
Yeah I know Boxster board....and no, I don't want one at all. Sorry for those who like it but I'm a boxster man.....so here is the question. After all the complaining and fear with the RMS failures on this board, is the 2007 box that has the cayman engine now free of this issue?

2 reasons I'm asking, I do plan on handing off my boxster in a another year to my dad or bro.....probably just let them take over payments....it will be a steal for them.

so 1) I am already wondering if I will be buying another box and colors and all the good stuff but then thought well is the engine concern fixed?

2) I know a lot of people on this board love the Cayman, but if the engine is still suspect, are we giving it a free pass just because we don't own one? If we were all Cayman owners would we be beating it up as hard as we beat up the beloved box becuase the engine might blow?

I probably could have PM'ed Randall or MN these questions cause they for sure would know the answer but the discussion could be fun too......

Brucelee 09-18-2006 12:00 PM

To my knowledge, ALL 911 and Boxster motors have and continue to have RMS issues. It is apparently a design issue in the both engines, which share the same basic architecture.

To my knowledge, the Cayman engine is an updated version of the old 911 3.4 engine that was in the 986/911 through 2001 I believe.

As such, I see it as no more or less likely to have an RMS issue.

I also don't see that engine as either more or less "robust", albiet it IS more powerful than the Box engines.

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