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Ottomotion 02-05-2019 04:04 PM

Durametric 'Spec. Angle vs Actual Angle' question
While waiting on my SAI system to get to pass mode, I am tackling another issue.

Durametric is showing a p1325 and p1341. The CEL has never come on.

My camshaft Deviations have always been steady:
Cam 1 -0.75
Cam 2 1.28
...since I reinstalled the motor.
Engine seems to be running great and all of these values are from the car being well warmed up.

Looking at the 'Actual Angle for Inlet Cam Bank 1 and 2' at idle I am seeing anywhere from .4 to -.55 avg for the high and low ends of the reading...both cams.

Looking at the 'Spec. Angle for Inlet Cam Bank 1 and 2' I see a reading of @ .4 or lower for bank 2

...but at idle, bank 1 is a flat-line 0.00.

If I blip the throttle, it (cam 1) can soar to over 30!......but quickly settles in to @ whatever bank 1 cam is reading.

Any thoughts as to what might be going on?

Ottomotion 02-26-2019 07:06 PM

Well I figured I got the car for such a good deal, it does have 100K on it, I might as well replace the vario cam solenoids. I ordered up a pair and got them installed today.

I did bench test them prior to install and there was a noticeable difference between old and new.

Now before the install, I had both p1325 and p1341 with no CEL.
On the Durametric when selecting. Spec. cam angles, the bank 1 would show flat line and then soar wildly as described in last post. Bank 2 seemed fine.

Bank 1 is 1341 code and bank 2 is 1325.

So with durametric plugged in, I headed out on test drive. I cleared all codes. Engine running fine.

But....when looking at the spec. cam angles, bank 2 is now the flat line and soars way up to 40*!!! and never really settles down to meet the other side like bank 1 used to. it will get to 5-6* out from bank 1.

Bank 1 is 1* or less for its angle reading.

I now only have p1325 code and no p1341.....yet. Still no CEL.

I have no freaken clue what in blue blazes is going on.

Ottomotion 03-11-2019 07:43 PM

Found some time this weekend to pull the solenoid for bank #2...the side that was showing Spec. Cam values out of wack as described above in post. I also pulled the screen in the solenoid hole and did a thorough cleaning of of both screen and solenoid. I bench tested the solenoid to make sure it was making all the right sounds and it was. In addition, I cleaned the electrical contacts for the solenoid and plug.
I reassembled everything and started the car and let it idle for about 5 minutes while I buttoned up the garage and readied the Durametric for the road test.
I brought up the Actual Cam values and Spec Cam values for both banks on the Durametric. The Spec Cam for bank #2 was better....no flat-line/0.00* at idle, instead it was dancing along nicely at +/-1* like the others, but when accelerating, it would swing wildly out to @ 40*. I got to the end of the neighborhood development and thought I better check to see if there were any codes. P1325 was, of course, present. (still no CEL).
I decided to clear the code and proceed with my test drive to see if there was any improvement as the car warmed up and was driven.
within about 2 miles, something bizarre happened. Bank #1 started to act in the same way as bank #2. For about 2 miles of driving, some stop and go, the banks were very close to each other in their Spec Cam values. Both would swing wildly up to @ 40* when accelerating and then settle to @ 5-6* when just normal driving. I kept waiting to hear the whole motor grenade behind me, but I pressed on.
Within another mile or two, bank #2 stopped the symptoms it had been exhibiting as described in the previous postings. It was dancing along @ +/- 1*
Bank #1 had apparently taken over the crazy behavior. I pulled over and checked for codes. P1325 was gone....only to be replaced by......you probably already guessed it....P1341.
Stunned, I thought I better keep test driving to see if anything would change again. Freeway drive now for @ 10 miles. Bank #1 swinging wildly out to 40* under acceleration and settling back to 5-6* while driving.
Then, almost back to the garage, the Spec Cam reading for Bank # 1 went flat line/0.00*. It didn't matter if I accelerated, idled, drove....it was flat-line while the others Actual Cam and Spec Cam readings for both banks were +/- 1*. I pulled over and checked for codes. The p1341 was still showing (since I had never cleared it?) so I cleared it.
I turned around and went back out for @ 10 more miles of driving. The flat-line for Bank 1 Spec Cam still present and the others still normal.
I finally got back to the garage, checked for codes....and no codes were showing.


Could the bank #2 head having been machined when I pulled it to replace the bent valve/broken spring be causing havoc with the system? Total amount shaved would be @ .003.

I did not pull Bank #1 head...just replaced all springs and lifters.

I wouldn't think so but I believe Porsche's are designed with pretty tight tolerances....

Just spit-balling here.

Maybe someone with deeper knowledge about engine builds can chime in?

Ottomotion 03-17-2019 09:43 PM

Spent some time tinkering with the Durametric today.
When the p1325 or p1341 code is cleared and then Actual Values for Actual Camshaft and Spec. Camshaft Angles are selected on the Durametric, the result is a flat-line for both bank 1 & 2 for a mile or so. Then, they will both swing wildly out, up to but never exceeding 40* for both banks at the same time. Again, this usually lasts for a mile or so.****
Then, one of the banks will return to the ideal +/- 1*, right in line with the Actual Camshaft Angles for both banks.
The other bank's Spec. Angle will continue to be out of wack, swinging wildly upwards of 40*.

Stop, check codes and whichever bank had the Spec Camshaft Angle out of wack would throw a p1341 or p1325 depending on the side. The p1341 showed up 3 times, and the p1325 showed up 2.

Actual Camshaft Angles are always great.

Never a CEL. Car runs great.

I know I am not getting much feedback....I am still hoping someone who has had a similar experience might stumble in to this thread and offer some form of direction....

Laminar Flow 04-05-2019 01:03 PM

Not sure if this helps, but could it be something electrical like a faulty sensor, wiring harness pinched, wire grounding out, etc.? Or, maybe the way the Durametric is polling the Spec Camshaft Angle from the ECU? I'm not expert on either; just tossing some ideas out there.

Starter986 04-05-2019 01:29 PM


Originally Posted by Laminar Flow (Post 592400)
Not sure if this helps, but could it be something electrical like a faulty sensor, wiring harness pinched, wire grounding out, etc.? Or, maybe the way the Durametric is polling the Spec Camshaft Angle from the ECU? I'm not expert on either; just tossing some ideas out there.

I've been following the thread in hopes someone would chime in, as I was curious. I know zero about the OPs subject matter except what I've read upon these pages... and on other posts.

I agree with LF, and will go one further. Maybe it's the Durmatric software... I'm just guessing. Maybe a reinstall of the software.

Following LFs line of thinking... maybe start checking every single electrical connection.

Best wishes. Keep us posted.

pilot4fn 10-03-2020 11:04 PM

I have question about cam angles as well. Sorry to hi-jack the thread, maybe here's similar question like the OP.

Couple of days ago did some Durametric time with my 2001 Boxster 2.7 with manual transmission.

There is a slight difference on the cam angles as the engine is running (idle is not actually moving like in the images if I don't touch the gas pedal). Variocam comes on and goes off, so the solenouds do work fine. Just the cam angles are slightly off on all rpm's. Looks like the slight difference on the can angles are mostly opposing each banks at the same moment. Should I be concerned of this cam angle difference and/or what causes this?

Below are few images from Durametric session that maybe explans a bit my above question:




This last image is of manual VarioCam activations done one by one. Also this shows a slight difference between cams (idle drops and jumps as the variocam is manually activated here - that should be no concern here)


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