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rkeating78 04-18-2018 04:22 PM

Faulty hood latch and rear spoiler
I had my car at the detailer who told me my battery died overnight and they need to know how to get the hood open. I told them about the cable in the pass side wheel well. They got it open and charged the battery but now the hood won't latch completely and the rear spoiler is stuck in the up position. The manual switch for the spoiler isn't working. The fuse and relay are fine according to the fuse tester.

So my questions are these.

1. How can I get my hood the latch completely?

2. How can I get my spoiler down? A functioning spoiler isn't too important at this moment. I'd really like to just have it down. I hate the look of it up.

Any help will be appreciated.

m332is 04-19-2018 07:12 AM

Make sure the cable didn't bind when it pulled the latch back - may be stuck open.

There is a switch on the left side of the driver's side foot well to manually raise and lower the spoiler.

78F350 04-19-2018 08:05 AM

There's a possibility that the problem is the immobilizer unit/Central locking system box under the driver's seat. Check if the padding under the carpet is wet. I like to check by sliding the seat forward and pulling the carpet up a little bit at the rear.

Can you push the latch fully closed - poking it with a screwdriver (not closing the hood). Then unlatch it using the normal button and try closing the hood.\

Other than fuse and relay, I have seen two types of failure for the spoiler. One is a failed motor, the other is broken linkage between the motor and the parts that raise. Both ways are a fairly simple fix, replacing the whole spoiler mechanism.

MWS 04-19-2018 12:09 PM

For the spoiler, try disconnecting the battery, waiting a few and reconnect then use the spoiler switch in the footwell to retract. Listen to see if you hear motor.

Lots of strange things can happen when introducing a charge (new battery) to a dead system. Happened to me once, new battery installed and anything with a motor (windows, spoiler, etc) sprang to life and needed reset.

For the latch, do as suggested...trip the lock with a screwdriver and then release using button.

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