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ohioboxster 07-19-2006 11:41 AM

Multi topic thread some good stuff, Big pic beware
Ok where to start.....

Oil change I bought ten quarts of oil today from Autozone at 5.79 a qt. a 5 gallon drain pan, some shop towels. Total 73.00 and some change. I had previously purchased the filter I cant remember if it was 12 or 20 bucks. The oil change is done and still ended up around 100 bucks. Im really not sure if saving the fifty bucks was worth it or not. One of the pictures is my ramp setup. With the slope of my driveway it made the car sit pretty level. see pichttp://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y17.../rampsetup.jpg

Next, I ran down an oil leak. see pic.


Next topic I spoke to the owner of my supercharger manfacturer and he tells me that Monday he will have the missing piece for my kit along with install directions. Im getting excited!!!

Lastly, Rumor has it that a Boxster will slightly out run an LS-1 ss Z-28 from about 45mph to 125 mph. The SS in question was a 6 speed, headers, exhaust and Nitro. I dont belive he used the juice. If he did the he was truely spanked. Furthermore I heard the Boxster started out behind the SS but ended up passing him. Now, this is purely rumor and the fact that the guy worked at Autozone is speculation. I would not believe this myself if I did not know these two people. I strongly discourage this type of behavior and had very stern words with these holligans.

See that spot in the street? The damn trash man crushed the trash in front of my house and something in the back of the truck leaked all over the place.

Grizzly 07-19-2006 01:03 PM

Are you sure that was the trashman, or did you actually start this oil change in the street? ;)

ohioboxster 07-19-2006 01:20 PM

I figured I would be blamed for the stain so I wanted to clear it up right off the bat, lol. It really ticked me off that they crushed the trash in front of my house. If you can believe it I didnt even spill a drop. I did however think it was going to be a hazmat spill for a minute. Holy crap thats alot of freakin oil and it came out fast because the car was still hot.

mtch 07-22-2006 02:31 PM

LS-1 vs Boxster
I assume you mean a Boxster S. I base Boxster would not hang with the SS. In that speed range, a 986 S would probably run about even and a 987 S would likely outrun the SS. What's interesting is that putting headers and exhaust on the SS does very little. The SS has pretty open breathing system. The HP difference in the Z-28 and SS is due entirely to intake, header and exhaust. There are not many aftermarket products that actually out perform the stock SS set-up

I have an slightly modded LT-1 Z-28 and am in a club and attend events often. My best friend has an LS1 Z-28 with I/H/E modifications and I drive it often. My opinion is based on a fair amount of experience with those cars.

ohioboxster 07-22-2006 03:58 PM

Well lets just say I know F-bodys.

I have done cam swaps,springs,nos,supercharger setups If it can be done to an F-body I have done it. No, not a Boxster S. Im not the one in the T/A thats my car on the dyno. I completely understand if you wish to call BS. I would myself being an avid F-body guy. Its a completly true story.


My F-body was a Z-06 killer.

Brucelee 07-22-2006 06:14 PM

The Chevy small block is quite the motor.

Nice pix!

ohioboxster 07-23-2006 03:21 AM

Yes it is.
I just love doing big smokey burnouts. I did that before every run too, necessary? No.

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