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mach schnell 06-05-2006 08:28 PM

quick help - installing schnell short shifter right now! something not lining up
i'm in my garage right now installing the schnell short shifter for my 987 and have the assembly taken apart - i'm on step 7 or 8 where the schnell bushings get put on, once the shifter is in the housing - however, the bushings don't slide on far enough to be able to put both snap rings into the bezel. any suggestions? does the white piece inside the metal bushing go further into the bushing to allow it to go further onto the shifter?

i could easily get one snapring on, but would have to push a lot of force the get the other end to be flush INSIDE the housing and that worries me - is this common/normal.

any help will be greatly appreciated - need to get the car back together to drive it on Tuesday

EPIQTodd 06-05-2006 09:59 PM

It's not easy, but it works. Be sure the threaded bolts give you enough room - those adjust with an allen wrench. It's very tight, but the lockrings will slide on, you just have to have one on and line up the other one flush with the metal wall so it can slide down onto the slot.

mach schnell 06-05-2006 10:28 PM

Thanks Todd for the quick reply! Your customer service is great!!! If I keep the boxster, more purchases wil come your way

figured everything out and just got back from a nice top down evening run and man, this shifter is sweet!!!!!! i hope that hoehn can figure out the cause of my shimmy (had my friend drive the car tonight pre- and post- schnell shifter ) and he noticed the same shimmy and said the same thing as we took the car (mildly) through a corner "man, this thing feels dangerous, like we're gonna lose it!" he drove the car originally shortly after i bought it (before the dreaded shimmy/vibration) and ranted and raved out how tight it was through corners - now he describes it as sloppy and wobbly (handling not shifting!)

EPIQTodd 06-06-2006 06:49 AM

My 987S is at Hoehn right now! Maybe we can meet up there, when my car is ready. I have my second hydraulic fluid leak that they need to fix...

Wonder what the shimmy is all about - you check your alignment? Your wheels torqued up to 96 ft/lbs? That might be the issue, if you haven't checked the bolts lately...

mach schnell 06-06-2006 07:25 AM

wow! second hydraulic fluid leak? that stinks!!! is it more related to tracking the car, rather than just a random problem? if it's the latter, that really bites!

i'm hoping that hoehn will check a variety of things - i've given up on walter's - they wouldn't really check anything - it was only with my prodding that they decided the tires failed road force.

i'm driving the thing into the ocean, though, if matt @ hoehn says he doesn't feel anything. then i'll take it back and ask if they notice anything unusual about the car - aside from the fact that it has an aftermarket fish tank in it :D

EPIQTodd 06-06-2006 08:28 AM

Dude, you HAVE to stick with the OEM fish tank to keep your warranty!

Did you check your wheels, seriously? If the bolts are not torqued properly they will shimmy until they fall off. You don't want that.

Might have busted a bolt on the drop link - that happens as well.

Me? What tracking? Certainly I don't track my car, lest I would void my warranty. Surely this is simply from driving to and from the library and grocery store at moderate speeds.

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