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97Boxsterian 10-16-2005 12:51 AM

Tool Kit
The Tool Kit is missing when I bought my '97 Boxster. Anyone know where to buy the tools? I can't replace the light bulb now coz I don't have the socket wrench. Anyone know what kind of tools are in the tool kit? Can I buy them in local car part store? If I have to buy it from the dealer, how much does it cost? Thanks.

Tool Pants 10-16-2005 01:28 AM

You can use a 5 mm socket to replace the headlight.

AndyDickens 10-16-2005 01:28 AM

Try a specialist Porsche breaker like www.911pcar.com, they will probably supply it for less than half the price

Brucelee 10-16-2005 06:06 AM

If memory serves me, the tool kit at the Dealer is wicked expensive ($300). Can that be right? In any event, a call to the dealer will tell.

I don't have a Box in stock but I am sure one of our members can pull the kit and tell you what is in there.

Good luck!

PS-Do you have a jack or is that missing too?


deliriousga 10-16-2005 07:34 AM

Here's what's in my tool kit:

1) Lug Wrench and Handle (19mm socket)
2) Headlight Release Tool (5mm socket)
3) Philips Head Screwdriver
4) Towing Eye
5) Wheel Assembly Aid (a long piece with threads on one end and a hole on the other to aid with putting the tire back on. You remove the top lug, then put screw in the assembly aid. Use the screwdriver in the hole to tighten it, then remove all of the other lugs and leave the aid in. When you put the tire back on, slide one of the lug holes onto the aid and it's easier to line the lugs up and put them in.
6) Open End Wrench (10mm one side, 13mm other side)
7) Locking Lug Nut Key
8) Plastic Gloves (to keep your pretty hands clean when changing the tire)
9) Plastic Sheet (to lay out for your knees when changing the tire)
10) The cloth cover for the rear wind screen. I don't think that was in there, we just keep it there because we never remove the wind screen.
11) A handy-dandy leather case to hold everything (with a tag that says "assembled in Germany with parts made in India, China and Germany).

You can get everything but the tow eye, assembly aid and handy-dandy leather case at a local hardware store or auto shop for a lot less than the dealer.

pecto3 10-16-2005 05:28 PM

hello 97boxsterian, i also got a 1997. imo, i think you should get the towing eye in case your car is going to be flatbedded (God forbid). I read from other forum that this lady actually left her car on the side of the road overnight because the tow guy present her a waiver that says they are not going to be liable (towing company) if damage will occur to the car while having it flatbedded due to unavailability of the towing eye. the next day, she went to dealer and got it. as what others have said, every tools in the kit can be bought from any autopart store. only interesting thing i notice about factory tool kit is that, they are made of aluminum alloy. very light weight, even the car jack is made of aluminum.

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