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DerrickCaracter 11-01-2010 07:26 PM

What would you change...
Obviously, the boxter looks great as is.....but what if any would you customize?

Front Bumper
Rear Bumper/Taillights

yelojkt 11-01-2010 08:16 PM

When the Caymen came out I really wanted one and since I could not afford a $50,000 car I said I would wait until the rich had got tired of them. I never really wanted a boxster. I don't know why I just was not interested. But the more time I spent looking at Caymens the more I looked at boxsters. Finally I decided that I would get a 987 instead of a cayman. But the more research I did the beauty of the 986 just grew on me. I have even come to really like the headlights, as long as they are cleared. Really only two things I would change or will change on my 986 when I buy it is the shifter shape and throw and the stick on scoop on the S model.

xcbxer 11-02-2010 08:06 AM


"But the more research I did the beauty of the 986 just grew on me"

Originally Posted by yelojkt

The simplest and lightest of the platform. My 97 (guards red on black) is pristine and unmolested. Needs nothing external except coloured wheel crests.

My upgrade bucks are going towards a shop manual, durametric, coolant cap, ignition switch, and oil pressure/temp gauges.

mikefocke 11-02-2010 10:17 AM

Of your list
only the front headlights for litronics with clear corners because mine is AS. I'm not a big fan of bling and scoops, aero kits, spoilers and hot wheels leave me cold. But there is no reason why my taste and yours should be the same. Your car, your $, your choice.

t2-bxtrs 11-02-2010 10:50 AM

What to change or modify???
totally agree ! It's your choice, your personal taste,in my 04S just maintaining it to be in pristine condition...
mechanically sound and body and wheels in like new condition ! it just screams class ! much newer porsche's that are dirty are just embarassing and dissappointing (no offense) , but then again it's their choice and $$$ , so to each it's own..
as long as you enjoy driving them, will be the bottom line.
only cosmetic change are the Boxster name in Black and the S in Red ! brand new tri-color wheel caps on brand new PS2's !
there's my permagrin !

Highlow 11-02-2010 06:17 PM

Side Skirts stock
More HP
An interior that isn't made of plastic <<< That is the 986's biggest let down

jmatta 11-02-2010 06:41 PM

"stick on scoop on the S model"

You lost me on that one...what stick on scoop???

yelojkt 11-04-2010 01:52 PM


Originally Posted by jmatta
"stick on scoop on the S model"

You lost me on that one...what stick on scoop???

When the S came out the boys at Porsche just cut a hole in the base bumper and put a scoop in there thus "stick on scoop". :o I will plasti-weld it into my bumper and smooth it so it is no longer a stick on scoop. :D

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