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nefarious986 07-26-2008 10:45 PM

The plan to spend more $ than I should
I'm trying to decide what to do with my cars in a few months. Going to get a bit of liquid cash and contemplating selling my 2000 Boxster S and get a 'donor' Boxster to build out my copy of Ike's car. X51 swap from RUF and custom body kit.

So for the donor car .. I m looking for a 2003-2004 clean title car that blew its engine, missing front and rear bumper with a bad bad paint, but otherwise mechanically impecable. LOLs. Good luck huh.

What I need to know is:

What exactly is a difference between the S model and the Base model ? Does it matter if I get the S model or the base model ? If I am going to do an engine swap ?

I know there are:

a. Bigger brakes on the S.
b. 3.2L engine vs 2.7
c. 6 spd vs 5 spd tranny ( how much to swap to 6 spd from 5 spd ? )

But I am planning to get GT3 brakes with PS9s so it should not make much of a difference.

So hopefully the plan works out to :

Sell current Boxster [ + $22k ]
Buy new donor chassis [ - $12k ]
PS9 / GT3 Brakes / Light weight rims / GT2 Seats [ - $12k ]
Ruf X51 conversion [ - $30k ]
Custom body work [ - $1k ]
Shipping + Misc [ - $2k ]
Out of pocket [ + $35k ]

Total cost [ $57k give or take a few ks to $60k max]

If it is, its a much better idea than plunking down 10g-15g for a 3.4L swap and then another 10g-15g supercharging. Although that could get 434hp, the potential money pit isn't worth the extra 60hp. The X51 setup with be a brand new engine and service-able at any dealsership.

This way, roughly the same cost as a brand new Boxster S .. but with ALOT more smile per $ spent.

Thank god I dont have a gf / wife who has to rubber stamp this budget. LOLs.

What do you guys think ?

Jeph 07-27-2008 07:44 AM

You need to start off with an S. At least that's what RUF told me. They say it's cheaper to start with an S than it is to retrofit a non-S. I trust them.

A) You need the 6 speed -5 speed won't be able to handle it the power.
B) It's got the bigger brakes. I know you want GT3 brakes, but why not put that on hold and see how the S brakes cut it for you?
C) RUF informed me that you need a different wiring harness of some sort when going if you go from Non-S to 3.4+

Also, your estimate of what you can get for your car ($22,000) seems a bit high to me. I'm not saying in can't happen, just a warning.

At any rate, if I were looking to spend close to $60,000, I'd do one of the following instead:

A) Wait for the used pricing on 997s to drop a little more.
B) Used Cayman S (with almost $15k left over to spend on mods)
C) 2004 Carrera 4S

Any of those cars cut it for you?

(Amen to no accounting department/wife!)

nefarious986 07-27-2008 11:34 AM

I thought a lot about this and posted before regarding my options too.

It doesn't make much financial sense because resell value of the car wouldn't be anywhere close to what was put in. Buying a 997 or a C4S would be a much better idea financially. However, I just don't like the body style, and the rear engine layout of the 911s. The Boxster with its mr setup is much more balanced ( to me ).

Ruf seems to agree as they called the 987 3.8S X51 swap “the most fun car we make.”

The article about that swap is below.


Linky to youtube vid with a guy in Greece who's done this swap:


I cant afford both a 987 and the swap, so I'll make do with what I have. =]

Besides, the 986 looks a lot better than the 987 imho anyways. With PS9 and sways, would probably out handle the 987 or come close enough where its down to drivers skill.

I m hoping to get a high price for the car because its still covered .. for another year and a half as a Porsche CPO. And its going to have a cf interior trims. =D

Cloudsurfer 07-27-2008 01:42 PM

S or non-S isn't really a big deal. Certain years make things a little easier, electronically, but other than that its the same chassis. Swapping the gearbox isn't a big deal, as for brakes the factory S brakes are plenty- heck, unless you're on the track the base Boxster brakes are plenty with good pads.

As to which years make the swap the easiest, an 03-04 car is perfect, as you already have Motronic 7.8 which is plug and play with a 3.6, and not very difficult for a 3.8 if you went that route. An 00-02 has Motronic 7.2 which is a relatively simple wiring harness mod to run connect to the 7.8 DME you'll need for the 3.6. A 97-99 car has Motronic 5.2 and requires a bit more harness work to interface with the newer DME and you'll also have to install all of the E-Gas guts.

The person to ask regarding all of this is Tholyoak.

Just a question, but why not keep your current S and just swap the motor?


Paul 07-27-2008 02:01 PM

+1 on tholyoak, I own one of his creations.

nefarious986 07-27-2008 05:30 PM

I think I would rather swap and have the 3.8 X51 swap. Just do it once and be done with it. X51 wont go into the 2000S, so .. time to swap cars.

If I just swap in the 3.4L with 300HP or 3.6L with 325HP into my car now, I'll be damn tempted to supercharge it later when I get bored with the hp. Not saying that cant happen with the X51, but less likely and will take a longer period of time.

Paul 07-27-2008 05:45 PM

I believe Tholyoak's current car is a 1999 Boxster with an 3.6 X51.......

Cloudsurfer 07-27-2008 06:43 PM

You could put a 3.8 X51 into a 97 Boxster if you wanted.....


fragdude 07-27-2008 10:48 PM

If you are upgrading the motor size, the S is nice to have because it also has the 3rd radiator. If you are changing the bumper you can always add the 3rd radiator to a regular, but on an S its already there....just another difference...

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