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IndyBoxster 02-20-2008 04:35 PM

Tiptronic question
Hello all,

I have a 99 with tiptronic trans. I read one of the chats about the tiptronic. Most people seem to like it, those who have one.

Mine shifts strangely between start off ( 2nd gear unless under full throtle). The trans has sort of a double shift... a 1,2 shift, then third under the normal 2nd gear starts. My mechanic says the car is solid and there is no problem. Any thoughts?

Also, sometimes it is in sport mode and sometimes shifts at as low as rpms as possible. How do you get it into sport mode to hold gears ( without going into manual mode) and keep it there??

Any help would be great



racer_d 02-20-2008 05:34 PM

Its best to read the owners manual on this first. My experience, and recollection from car mags, is that the Tip is somewhat adaptive. If it senses QUICK changes in position (ie full throttle or full off throttle) it takes a more sporting algorythym. If it senses mild throttle pressure, it chooses a more delicate setting (hence the quick upshifts vs holding in gear)

Over the years, the tip software has gotten better for those who want a more sporting feel.

Sitting here, it sounds like your tip is behaving normally.

Lil bastard 02-20-2008 06:46 PM

All sounds normal to me. The car has a very limited Sport mode. But, it also has an adaptive memory. It will adapt to your last few Driving Cycles.

If you have been commuting all week to work, when you first take it out for spirited fun, it won't respond properly for several miles until it re-adapts to your new style.

You don't mention the mileage.

Since it's a '99, are you due for a fluid/filter change? Porsche claimed it is a Lifetime fluid, but it really isn't.

BMW and Jaguar (which also use this same ZF5HP19 transmission) also marketed it as Lifetime fluid, but have since changed their specs to a fluid and filter change every 45k mi. Failure to do this maintenance can kill these trannys.

The dealer charges $650-$750 for this service. But, a DIY for a moderately experienced owner can be done for under $250. It takes about 2-3 hrs. and I'd give it difficulty of maybe 3 or 5. I'm going to post a write-up of the procedure in the DIY section.

IndyBoxster 02-21-2008 04:29 AM

Tiptronic Question
OK, thanks, that makes sense with the throttle position and the trans shifting points.

The car has 27k and I purchased from the original owners. The real question is more about the sloppy shifting at soft take off.... It obviously starts in 2 but feels like there is a double shift prior to third gear. Has anyone noticed this?

Also, in regards to the tranny service, how many of you have done this yourselves. I have a skill level about 6 out of 10 when it comes to car repairs.



Lil bastard 02-21-2008 07:11 AM

There can be a slight 'double-pump' between the 2-3 shift and I found that two things can cause this. The most common is a sedate driving cycle followed by a spirited one. The other, a slight underfill of the tranny.

That's the one thing I hate about the Tip S - Porsche, in their infinite wisdom, decided not to include either a dipstick or a fill spout for the Tiptronic, though BMW and Audi both did, so it is possible. But, short of putting the car on stands or a rack, there's no way to check if the fluid level is correct. This is especially annoying if you have a leak or any seepage from around the pan, because you know by the seepage that you've lost some fluid, but no easy way of knowing how much. I thought of seeing if the BMW or Audi Dipstick/Fill spout could be retrofitted, but haven't got around to it.

With a skill level of 6/10, you'd have no difficulty doing this service yourself. I'm probably at the same level and did mine in 2 hrs. Nothing hard, just involved as you have to take apart so much of the rear to access the Drain pan for removal.

I posted my DIY in that section and aside from the couple special tools mentioned, you only need a jack/jackstands, catch pan, straight-screwdriver, set of metric sockets, a torque wrench and maybe a breaker bar, the rest costs about $250-$275. It's only a write-up as I didn't want to risk getting any oil on my new Nikon D80. But, if you have the Workshop manuals or the Bentley, you'd have no trouble seeing what I describe.

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