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carmos 12-10-2005 11:08 PM

bump stops do boxsters have them ?
hi all, please forgive my ignorace on this subject.. i have installed h&r springs and also just put some carrera light 5 spoke 18 inch rims om my box s...the ride is alot firmer to say the least..i feel every bump on the road and if there is any kind of dip the car takes those very hard...

so 2 people have asked me if when i had the springs installed ,did i have the bumps stops shaven or shortend..i now the guy who did the work did not say anything about it ,so my quetion ,does my04 s have these things? thank for your help :confused:

carmos 12-12-2005 08:06 AM

bump , does anyone know about this? :confused:

TriGem2k 12-12-2005 04:30 PM


Originally Posted by carmos
bump , does anyone know about this? :confused:

What exactly did you change??? Just springs? If the bump stops your refuring to are bushings then no they probably werent changed and probably dont need to be changed. The car is SUPPOSED to drive stiff....

carmos 12-12-2005 06:17 PM

hi TriGem2k, yes i only changed the springs..do you think if i add the bilstein sport shocks it would improve the ride? thanks for you help. :cheers:

mjw930 12-13-2005 05:01 AM

Ah yes, the trial and error method of suspension design. :ah:

Bilstein makes 2 specific valvings for our cars, Heavy Duty and Sport, Sport being the more agressive valving. Installation of the Bilstein struts will CHANGE the way the car feels but it isn't going to make it less stiff.

I understand people trying to save a buck but after you consider all the labor involved to remove the struts twice you would have been a whole lot better off simply buying and installing the Porsche RoW M030 suspension.

If you are going to have the suspension torn apart again you might want to consider having the M030 parts installed and selling the H&R springs. If not then go with the Heavy Duty version of the Bilstein shocks, they have a more forgiving compression setting (which is what will dampen the sharp impacts).

TriGem2k 12-13-2005 08:25 AM


Originally Posted by carmos
hi TriGem2k, yes i only changed the springs..do you think if i add the bilstein sport shocks it would improve the ride? thanks for you help. :cheers:

As far as stiffness....Its not going to get any better, but you are sure to improve on handling :D . I've had that setup on my car (Gemballa/H&R springs with Bilstein shocks) i like it. Then again I like my car being as stiff as possible.

eslai 12-13-2005 11:10 AM

The bumpstops would only need to be shortened if the car has been significantly lowered, which I doubt a set of springs would do on these cars. Your problem is simply that, well, you changed the springs. :)


To elaborate, if the car is slamming into bumps and dips as if it has no suspension at all, you have three possibilities:

1. Coil-bind. The spring is being 100% compressed when you smack bumps.
2. Bottoming out the shock. The shock is at 100% compression. Dangerous.
3. Lowered car is sitting on the bump stops, which aren't nearly as progressive/forgiving as springs.

All three point to faulty design.

carmos 12-13-2005 03:54 PM

mjw930, TriGem2k, eslai, thanks for all your input. i will probaly get the bilstein sport shocks that seem to be the ones for a lowered car...i guess i will just have to get use to the way the car rides now... i love the way it looks and it does handle tighter.. i guess every mod has some trade off..thanks again :cheers:

tqtran 12-13-2005 05:36 PM

carmos: I have the same set of springs you do, though I never installed them. If you reread all the material that came with them, there was a list of pcars(on an orange sheet of paper) that needed the bumpstops shaved and the 986 WAS NOT one of them.

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