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deliriousga 07-04-2005 03:10 PM

Rattling noise from the front of the engine compartment.
I have a rattling noise from one of the parts that is run by the serpentine drive belt. It happens all of the time, but gets louder when the A/C clutch engages. I'm guessing it's because the additional load on the belt makes it pull harder on all of the pulleys when the A/C clutch engages.

It sounds like it's in the area of the alternator, so my first thing was to pull the alternator. I willtake it to a shop tomorrow and have them hook it up and test it to see if it makes any noise by itself. When I pulled the alternator, I noticed the two deflection rollers had a tiny bit of play in them. Is this normal? I checked the tensioner roller and there is no play so I'm thinking these two deflection rollers may be wearing out and making the noise.

It looks like the bearings will come out of the deflection roller so I don't have to replace the entire roller, but I want to make sure before I go pulling them out. Has anybody replaced these bearings or know if they can be replaced without ordering a new roller? If the bearings are removable, do you happen to know what size they are?

Finally, is there any type of lubrication that needs to be done to the A/C clutch? It makes a light squeeking sound. You can only hear it with the front engine cover removed.

Thanks! :cheers:

oryansbelt 03-31-2011 04:15 PM

Did you ever figure out what was making the noise? I have the same problem I think, originally thought it was a bearing in the alternator but listened for the 'tick tick tick' sound using a pipe and found it to come from the tensioner pulley. Replaced the tensioner pulley roller and the lower pulley, and put a new belt on. The noise got better briefly, but its coming back.

Noise gets louder when I put on the A/C, but disappears above idle speed. I really think its the tensioner itself, but before I tear down the engine to get to it I'd love to hear some insight.

Has anyone replaced the serpentine belt tensioner (not just the pulley)? Is it a weekend job or will this be an epic tear-down?

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